bestcaptchasolver-python3 is a super easy to use bypass captcha python3 API wrapper for captcha service

git clone

pip install -r requirements.txt

# make sure you've changed access_key, page_url, etc in python3

How to use?
Simply require the module, set the auth details and start using the captcha service:
from bestcaptchasolverapi3.bestcaptchasolverapi import BestCaptchaSolverAPI

Set access_token for authentication
access_token = 'access_token_here' # get your access token from bcs = BestCaptchaSolverAPI(ACCESS_TOKEN)

Once you've set your authentication details, you can start using the API

Get balance
balance = bcs.account_balance()

Submit image captcha
data = {}
data['image'] = 'captcha.jpg'

# optional parameters
data['is_case'] = if case sensitive set to True, default: False
data['is_phrase'] = if phrase, set to True, default: False
data['is_math'] = True if captcha is math, default: False
data['alphanumeric'] = 1 (digits only) or 2 (letters only), default: all characters
data['minlength'] = minimum length of captcha text, default: any
data['maxlength'] = maximum length of captcha text, default: any


The image submission works with both files and b64 encoded strings. For setting the affiliate_id, set the affiliate_id parameter

Submit recaptcha details

For recaptcha submission there are two things that are required.
  • page_url
  • site_key
  • type (optional, defaults to 1 if not given)
    • 1 - v2
    • 2 - invisible
    • 3 - v3
    • 4 - enterprise v2
    • 5 - enterprise v3
  • v3_action (optional)
  • v3_min_score (optional)
  • data_s (optional)
  • cookie_input (optional)
  • user_agent (optional)
  • affiliate_id (optional)
  • proxy (optional)
bcs.submit_recaptcha({'page_url': 'page_url_here', 'site_key': 'sitekey_here')

This method returns a captchaID. This ID will be used next, to retrieve the g-response, once workers have completed the captcha. This takes somewhere between 10-80 seconds.

  • domain
  • gt
  • challenge
  • api_server (optional)
d = {'domain': 'DOMAIN_HERE', 'gt': 'GT_HERE', 'challenge': 'CHALLENGE_HERE'} # d['api_server'] = 'GT_DOMAIN_HERE' # optional captcha_id = bcs.submit_geetest(d)