bot (Multithreaded)



How to use the program:
1. Add accounts to the program (example like this: BosslikeLogin: Bosslikeparol: VkLogin: Vkparol)
1. Add accounts to the program (example like this: BosslikeLogin: Bosslikeparol: InstagramLogin: Instagramparol)
2. Add HTTP or Socks4 or Socks5 -proxy (example like this: ip: port @ login: pass)
3. Specify the key of the anticaptcha or rucaptcha service
4. Press the & amp; quot; Start & amp; quot; button
5. The bot will do the rest for you

[+] Using a large number of accounts at the same time (multithreading)
[+] Automatic registration on through your referral link (works for 5+)
[+] Automatic Linking to VKontakte or Instagram or Facebook or Twitter
[+] Through a bot, you can link a phone number to Instagram
[+] Now, when the account is blocked or lost, there will be a sound notification
[+] In the bot, you can enter the captcha that Instagram often asks for when you enter your account
[+] Earnings through (at the moment put only Like) NEW
[+] Earnings through (Like, repost, subscribe) NEW
[+] Earnings through (in development) NEW
[+] Through the program, you can re-link a new account for the further work of the program
[+] Limit on the number of captcha NEW
[+] Individual settings of delays and type of actions for each account. For example, one only likes once every 20 seconds. The other does everything every 5 seconds. So that you can choose for everyone. NEW
[+] If there is a captcha on Instagram, then the bot will solve itself through rucaptcha or anti-captcha NEW
[+] Vkontakte captcha solution via or service
[+] Viewing the status of all accounts in the table
[+] Displaying the execution of the task in the log
[+] Setting criteria for the minimum number of participants in a VK group. it contributes to bans on VKontakte bot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system