BosslikeBot VK



  1. Implementation of likes, reposts, subscriptions to profiles and communities.
  2. Rucaptcha support.
  3. Proxy support.
  4. Stop-word support.
  5. Auto registrar.
  6. Checker.

How the bot differs from the existing ones:
- Dynamic loading of Vkontakte accounts from a file. When accounts run out, the bot waits for new ones, and then continues to work without restarting.
- Ability to set a balance limit to which the account is wound. (convenient for cheating balances for sale in stores)
- Built-in account creator with your referral link.
- Bot installs an avatar on the page, if required by Bosslike.
- Bot posts 5 entries if Bosslike requires it.
- Bot adds 5 friends if Bosslike requires it.
- Built-in checker + Bosslike balance sorter.

BosslikeBot VK has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system