Bot for captcha input on the BitRadio website



BitRaDio is a free radio service that brings together over 30,000 radio stations on its platform.

BRO is a new cryptocurrency with masternode technology and PoS consensus algorithm. One of the features of this coin is the distribution method in the form of a giveaway for listening to radio stations on the platform. The number of coins is directly proportional to the listening time. It is worth noting that the number of radio stations on the platform is simply huge and, moreover, WITHOUT advertising.

Here everyone will find their own wave

➥ What needs to be done:
1. Register
2. Download the wallet for your OS (download links at the bottom of the main page of the site)
3. In the wallet, copy the address from Recevive and paste it into the Payout-Address in the Profile
4. We listen to the radio and collect coins in this wallet.

Bot installation:
1. Install Mozilla Firefox browser version 35 or higher;
2. Install the Mozilla Firefox browser extension called Imacros for Firefox 8.9.7 (it is advisable to install this particular version, since a newer or very old one can and most likely will work with errors);
UPD: Disable Imacros update in extension settings.
3. In the downloaded file with the bot, replace the asterisks (*****) with the API key of the RUCAPTCHA.COM service (2CAPTCHA.COM). You can open the file with any text editor, for example Notepad ++, link to the official website in the right block in the section useful programs.
4. Top up the account of the RUCAPTCHA.COM service with electronic money, or earn money directly on the service or using a special program;
5. Register and enter the website
6. Start the bot.

How it works:
- Every minute checks if a new captcha has appeared. If so, it introduces it.
- Checks if the connection is broken or the radio is stuck, then reloads the page and clicks Play.

Bot for captcha input on the BitRadio website has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system