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A bit of math:
At the moment (04/16/17) once an hour you can collect about 0.11 rubles, the recaptcha2 solution costs 0.16 rubles. Are you going negative?
The site has REWARD POINTS (RP) with which we will be profitable.
If you have a young account, then you will first have to painstakingly fill these RPs by purchasing 1 REWARD POINT / ROLL, then 10 REWARD POINTS / ROLL and so on along the chain.
As a result, you will constantly have enough for 100 REWARD POINTS / ROLL and 100% BONUS and you will already receive from 0.22 rubles for one solution.

I do not call for this, but you can become a referral on the site itself and receive a total of 0.33 rubles for one solution - 0.16 for solving a captcha = 0.17 rubles per hour

Bot for has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha