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Collects Satoshi every 5 min.

Installation strictly according to the instructions:
1. Unpack the CapNum folder to the root of the c: \ drive
2. In the same place, in the root c: \, create a CAPCH folder and an iMacros folder, in it (in iMacros) create three folders Datasources, Downloads, Macros. It should look like this for example c: \ iMacros \ Macros \
3. Unpack bitcoinker.js into the c: \ iMacros \ Macros \ folder
4. Unpack Mozilla anywhere.
5. Create a shortcut to firefox.exe on your desktop.
6. In the properties of the shortcut in the Object column, add -no-remote -P "" (the space before -no is saved) For example, it should look like this "D: \ PortableSoft \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe" -no-remote -P ""
7. Launch the shortcut, in the window that opens, uncheck the Launch the selected profile without prompting, click the Create ... button, in the window that opens, Enter the name, Click Select folder and create a new folder (call it somehow) and remember where it is (the path to it), Click Finish and Exit (Launch Firefox DO NOT CLICK)
8. Find the folder created in step 7 and unpack into it
9. Launch the shortcut from the desktop and the created profile in it
10. Install the Shockwave Flash plugin (Adobe Flash from the site)
11. Launch bitcoinker.js on the imacros panel and enjoy collecting satosh

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