BotZilla is a program for automating the user's work in the browser.

BotZilla can:
- Go to specified addresses
- Click
- Scroll page
- Work with captcha
- Maintain pauses (delays)
- Fill out and submit forms
- Upload files
- Delete, save, iterate over and set cookies
- Perform arithmetic operations on project data
- Process input string data
- Parse text
- Execute JavaScript on the page
- Create files
- Write text to file
- Replace User Agent
- Work through a proxy
- Randomize texts
- Automatically recognize captcha via Antigate or Rucaptcha service
- Process arrays of elements on the page
- Generate random numbers
- Generate message boxes for the user
BotZilla provides communication between users by organizing general and individual (by login) access to projects.

Searching and specifying page elements is carried out using xpath queries, a simple and convenient xpath constructor allows you to create xpath paths even for users who have no experience in creating xpath queries in a few clicks.

The javascript execution block provides access to any browser functionality that can be executed with javascript.

BotZilla has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system