BrokenBot 3.3.0



Clashof-bot - and as of version 3.3.0 there is no Hourly Stats or hourly earnings in this brokenbot. Added a script from the forum to add Hourly Stats in order to find out how much we get hourly income.


  • Hood mod for hourly report (changed to show profit, not loot)
  • Added disabling of power saving modes
  • Added sleep before shooting loot to make sure the bonus is displayed
  • Fixed saving / restoring configuration so that update settings are saved between launches.
  • Added PushBullet notification in case the wall is not found when BB wants to update it
  • Added obstacle check
  • Removed the restart of the BS while waiting for the main screen (sometimes it restarted at the wrong moment). I am using a bot monitoring tool
  • Changed the presentation of date and time in PushBullet messages to use the system format
  • Expirience uses globals to store statistics in mixed mode
  • The experience loop does not start in mixed mode if the camps are nearly full.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the lab button was not disabled on startup
  • Fix laboratory selection if it was not specified before starting
  • Fix variable inaccessibility when BS launch fails
  • Fix for "Barrack unavailable" when an interrupt message appears
  • Time has a system format
  • Added statistics in CSV file
  • Changed the resource log in search to avoid scrolling through the line to read full information
  • Added check for obstacles before searching to avoid unnecessary restart of the BS.
  • Changed the TH sniper to only use archers on the first wave. In my case, if TH doesn't fall into the trap, that's enough.
  • The order of training the first archers has been changed. If TH snipe only uses archers, BB will not add giants to the troops.
  • If the attack was TH by a sniper, then BB will drop the barracks and recount the troops to avoid misconfiguring the troops. This is for custom barracks only.
  • The search for bases will not start with gold less than 100,000 and will end if gold is less than 20,000. Just in case.
  • Correct search cost. Also show the current value in gold when searching
  • Upgrade buildings, heroes will have a less cumbersome report and will check the minimum number of workers.
  • Some changes in the PushBullet message
  • Change the filename of the mining snapshot so that it is sorted correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the attack now, when pressing the button affects not the current, but the next search
  • Fixed the level of the castle of the clan GTFO
  • Added a new training path through the Army Overview
BrokenBot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system