Butterfly 4 - Powerful link collector from any sites, directories and search engines.

The parser has a simple and intuitive interface that any beginner who starts the program for the first time will understand.

All links found by the program can be screened out using a filter configured to suit your personal needs. The program has many ready-made, configured and debugged filtering and search profiles. It is possible to save entire found links, only domains, or links based on a mask.

In version 4:
  • The program interface has been changed. Provided the ability to use the program on netbooks with a small screen resolution.
  • Implemented support for checking local links
  • Implemented output to the log of errors when checking sites
  • Added the ability to output links with a validation error to the results file
  • Implemented a mechanism for authorization and obtaining additional functions of the program
  • Implemented IP protection through a random proxy when parsing
  • Implemented proxy autochecker
  • The ability to hide ads with at least one additional function
  • Ability not to test found links for performance (do not filter)
  • User-Agent changed
  • Ability to continue parsing from the place where parsing was interrupted the next time the program is started
  • Possibility to increase the number of parallel processes up to 300
  • Fixed bug when working with SSL
  • Fixed and tested search and filter profiles
  • Minor bugs fixed

Butterfly 4 comes standard with 19 search profiles:
  • Search in Ask
  • Bing Search
  • Search in the DMOZ directory
  • Search in Gigablast
  • Google search
  • Search in Google (sites in Russian)
  • Google Search (sites in English)
  • Google search (sites from USA)
  • Search in Mail.ru
  • Search in Meta.ua
  • Search in Lycos
  • Search in Nigma.ru
  • Search in the news of the NoNaMe website
  • Search in Rambler
  • Search in Rambler TOP 100
  • Search Refer.ru
  • Search in Yandex
  • Search in Yandex Catalog
  • Yahoo Search

16 filtration profiles:
  • Selection of sites on Bitrix
  • Selection of catalogs CNCat
  • Selection of sites on DLE
  • Selection of sites for DLE (selection implemented in Butterfly 2)
  • Selection of sites on DLE (without Adult)
  • Drupal site selection
  • Selection of sites on Joomla
  • Selection of sites on MaxSite
  • Selecting sites on phpBB
  • Selecting sites on phpBB 3
  • Selection of sites on UCOZ
  • Selecting WordPress sites
  • Selection of sites on vBulletin
  • Selection of sites on IPB
  • Selection of free and open torrent trackers
  • No selection (saving all found sites)

Butterfly has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com