Bayan is a legendary addurilka in Yandex. The program has existed since 2009 and is constantly maintained in working order, unlike many free and paid analogues.

The main function of the program is to add a list of links to the Yandex add-on to speed up indexing. And the bot really comes!

Multithreading, proxy support. Intelligent addition of links to the addurilka (search for the specified text on the page, check on the mirror, filtering of those already added).

There is a demo version quite suitable for manual use. Buying a license (serial number) is a matter of minutes and all the activation processes of the program are automated, that is, you do not have to wait until someone deigns to send the key manually.

The program is used by both ordinary SEO specialists and those who are engaged in website runs to order.

Byan has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system