Bypass HCAPTCHA/FunCAPTCHA Callback using selenium (invisible - without submit button)


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This thead guide you to submit bypass of FunCAPTCHA/HCAPTCHA Callback using selenium and AnyCaptchaCallbackHooker extension
1. Download AnyCaptchaCallbackHooker extension
2. Use this code to add extension on selenium
ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();

3. Go to the URL where you need to bypass hcaptcha/funcaptcha callback

4. find and switch to iframe which contain button with id = anycaptchaSolveButton (anycaptchaSolvingButton will automatically be created as soon as hcaptcha/funcaptcha callback finishes rendering)
5. Use AnyCaptcha - HCAPTCHA or FunCAPTCHA to get the response token

6. Execute the following javascript command to submit the token

We have tested it on a lot of websites(twilio, gleam, roblox, twitch...) that use funcaptcha/hcaptcha callback and I think our extension is the best at the moment.
Note: AnyCaptchaCallbackHooker.crx cannot be installed manually, you must use the above code to install.

IMPORTANT!!! if anycaptchaSolveButton is in an iframe, you need to execute the above javascript command inside that iframe (Switch to iframe)
Video tutorial:
Document guide:
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