Bypass hCaptcha with 2captcha API



Recently Cloudflare added hCaptcha support for the security check page and that caused a significant increase of hCaptcha popularity.


hCaptcha position itself as a drop-in replacement for Google's ReCaptcha. And actually it is a clone of ReCaptcha and even in the source code and element names we see a lot of references to ReCaptcha.
As we know, Google used ReCaptcha for data labeling and as a result now we have a huge Open Images Dataset labeled by billions of people and every Internet user made a tiny contribution to it.
hCaptcha took the same idea and made a data labeling service availabe for everyone and it is really flexible and customizeable and allows to create datasets for machine learning tasks. And we think they are doing a really good job.

On the other side hCaptcha provides a captcha service as a bot protection solution. And as we all know the bot protection can be bypassed with some effort. 2captcha uses human power to do that and due to that we think we even do not affect the main hCaptcha's task - data labeling as our workers have a lot of experience in such kind of tasks.

Bypassing hCaptcha
The process of hCaptcha solving is really similar to ReCaptcha:
1. You need to find the sitekey that is provided inside data-sitekey property of script tag.
2. Use the sitekey and the URL of page where hCaptcha is rendered to make a request to our API as described in the API documentation for hCaptcha
3. Place the token into fields with name g-recaptcha-response and h-captcha-response.
4. Submit the form, click the button or execute the callback the same way it is done on the website when you pass the captcha manually.

The price is the same as for ReCaptcha, $2.99 per 1000 tokens.