$100 Bypassing reCAPTCHA V3 on shoppies.jp


2Captcha team
Staff member
The 2Captcha administration announces a reward of $100 for solving the following issue:

reCAPTCHA V3 is set on https://shoppies.jp/, you can find it after log in.
The 2Captcha service allows to solve the reCAPTCHA V3, but https://shoppies.jp/ does not accept it when the token is sent.
An algorithm for sending a token from 2Captcha is required, in which the site will accept it.
API description could be found here: https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api#solving_recaptchav3

The reward is credited to 2captcha.com account of the person who first published the working solution for this problem. Upon receiving the reward, it will be possible to withdraw it to a personal wallet using several payment options listed here: https://2captcha.com/partner/payment_edit