Bypassing Tiktok captcha using cookies


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I'm trying to bypassing tiktok's captcha using 2captcha with selenium and python but I'm struglling a lot.
At this URL :

Here is my code. So as you can see i'm trying to follow the advice given in the API (

So first I delete the cookie named 's_v_web_id' then I send the my cookie to 2captcha and get back their cookies, this part is OK.
But when I put back the cookie in my browser nothing append.
I don't know if I need to trigger the captcha by clicking on connect or not to make it work, I've try both but nothing is working, just nothing append.

Here you can see at the top the cookie at te start and at the bottom the cookie at the end.

If someone can help me with this it would be awesome.
Thanks in advance!
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