Captcha bypass in Selenium



With the constant development of technology and the expansion of web application automation capabilities, the issue of bypassing captcha is becoming more and more relevant. Captcha is a mechanism used on many websites for various purposes such as preventing spam, bots, and other unwanted activities. In this article, we will look at the captcha bypass method using Selenium and the service.

What is selenium?
Selenium is a web browser automation tool that allows programmers to interact with web applications just like a human would. It can launch a browser, open pages, fill out forms, click buttons, and perform other actions necessary to test or automate web applications.

What is is a service that provides an API for captcha recognition. It specializes in bypassing various types of captchas, including text, image, audio and math captchas. The service provides programmers with the ability to send captcha images via the API and receive a text solution in response.

Captcha bypass with Selenium
1. Registration on
The first step to use the service is to register on their website. After successful registration, you will receive a unique API key that will be used to submit the captcha for recognition.

2. Integration of the service into Selenium
The next step is to integrate the service into your Selenium script. You can use the API libraries provided by to submit a captcha image and receive a text solution.

3. Getting captcha
When working with a web application that requires captcha input, Selenium can get the captcha image by finding the corresponding element on the web page.

4. Sending captcha for recognition
The resulting captcha image is sent to the service using the API key. You can specify the type of captcha and other parameters in the request.

5. Getting the result
The service processes your request and returns a text solution to the captcha. You can use the resulting solution to fill out a web application form using Selenium.

Benefits of using
- specializes in captcha recognition and has high accuracy.
- The service supports various types of captchas, including complex graphic and audio captchas.
- offers a simple API for integrating with Selenium and other automation tools.
- The response time of the service is usually very fast, which saves time when bypassing the captcha.

Bypassing captcha is an important task when automating web applications using Selenium. The service provides a convenient and efficient captcha bypass solution, allowing programmers to submit captcha images via the API and receive a text solution. This greatly simplifies the automation process and increases the efficiency of working with web applications that require captcha.