Captcha Killer



Do you need to automate the work with captchas in the browser?
The Captcha Killer program will help you with this!

What is it and how does it work:
The program is a script that integrates into the popular Mozilla Firefox browser through a special GreaseMonkey extension. The script is launched after clicking the `` Solve '' button, which becomes visible if a captcha is found on the page when you click the Search button. Having found a captcha on the page, the script sends it for a solution to the wonderful service RUKAPCHA.
After that, the program periodically (once every 5 seconds) requests a response from the server. When the answer arrives, you just have to send the form - that's it, the captcha is solved!

Installation instructions:
After installing the GreaseMonkey extension, all you need to do is replace the rucaptcha-API-key parameter (see screenshot) with your unique API-key, which you will find in your personal account. Now you can insert the script into the extension and start working.

Cost of the program: $ 20.

Captcha Killer has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system