Via npm:
npm i -S captcha-service
Update via npm:
npm update captcha-service
const CaptchaService = require('captcha-service');

const solver = new CaptchaService({
  captcha_service: "twocaptcha",
  captcha_key: "captcha_key",
  imageCaptchaPath: "./img.png",
  renameImage: false

solver.Stream.on('log', data => console.log('log:', data));

solver.solveCaptcha().then(text => {

  console.log("Result:", text);

  // log: Solving captcha trytime=1
  // log: Solve captcha with captcha_index: 0
  // log: TwoCaptcha: {"_id":"67389604474","_apiResponse":"OK|vbwzye","_text":"vbwzye"}
  // log: Captcha result: vbwzye | img.png
  // Result: vbwzye

}).catch(err => console.log(err));

  • options <Object>
    • captcha_service <string> Has support: (require)
      • 2captcha
    • captcha_key <string|Array<string>> API KEY of captcha service. Example: ["KEY1", "KEY2"] or just a single key "KEY1" or ["KEY1"]
    • imageCaptchaPath <string|path> Captcha image file address
    • renameImage <boolean> Default: false Whether to rename captcha image file affter solved with the filename as the result of the captcha.
  • return
To solve captcha
  • return: <string> Text from image captcha
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