Captcha won't reveal business email address in YouTube

Jack Decker

New member
I am trying to reach out to YouTubers by way of their "About" pages where many have a business email address. I am doing this to do collaboration videos with them. Unfortunately, I am now having problems getting reCAPTCHA to reveal these email addresses. I click on the box and then "Submit" to no avail. It is now asking me spot things in photos. I do and yet when I click on "Submit" nothing happens. Did I do too many? Does it now think I'm a bot? I think I did about ten before this problem started. But these YouTubers want to be contacted. I am getting very frustrated and have done many Google searches for a solution. I use Firefox and have tried Chrome. I've emptied my cache, deleted cookies, checked to make sure my browser is up to date, turned off all extensions, and swore at it countless times to no avail. What's going on? How can I fix this?