CaptchaBotRS is a program that is used to solve graphic captchas and recaptchas, where you need to put a tick for money. Actual cost of one solution $ 0.01

The mobile version is only available for the Android platform. There are versions with a different set of languages, including Russian. All programs are absolutely free.

How do I install the program?
Download the archive, unpack it, run the exe. file and follow the instructions during installation. Some versions of CaptchaBotRS require advanced installation.

How to work in the program?
After the first launch of the bot, you need to log in to it (enter the login and password that you specified when registering on the 2captcha website). You can change the color and sound as you like. Next, you need to log into your Google account (click on the envelope or the button) - return to the program window - select "Only 2Сaptcha" and click the "Start" button. In a few seconds, a recaptcha will appear - we solve it - we get a profit.

Where can I get the API KEY key for authorization?
Your API KEY key is located on the instruction page. Do not tell it to anyone.