CaptchaHarvester - Solve captchas yourself without having to pay for services like 2captcha for use in automated projects.


pip install captcha-harvester

The dev Branch
Sometimes there will be updates I'm working on that won't be pushed to the master branch/PyPi because I haven't had time to test them. Sometimes these patches will fix problems you experience in the stable branch, but if things get buggy don't be surprised.
pip install

This will setup an HTTP server at by default.

If you are running MacOS/Windows and have the Google Chrome, all you have to do is pass the the harvester will launch without a hitch! It will automatically open a new instance of Chrome under a temporary profile with and map the domain to the local server.

NOTE: Without the -b/--browser only the server will start up, without the browser. You won't be able to access the site correctly on your normal browsers because the host won't be correctly mapped to the local server. This could be useful if you want to open the browser with your own command line options or you already have one running from a previous session.

Configuring The Browser
When accessing the server to collect the tokens you have to do it the right way and you can't connect to it just like any old server. You configure your browser to think that the server is actually the site we want to collect captcha tokens for

How do we do this the EASY way?
Luckily, the easy way is pretty easy. You literally have to do nothing! However, this only works on Mac/Windows (Linux support coming soon). Additionally, you can pass the path to a Chromium browser binary/.exe or a browser that can be found in your $PATH envrionment variable through the -b/--browser.

When using the -b, a browser instance will be lanuched that's totally disconnected from your main Profile (unless you pass -r, which MIGHT be buggy on Windows).