Capy Puzzle: New generation captcha - creator, purpose and difficulty of bypass



In the modern world, where technology is developing at a rapid pace, ensuring the security of online resources is becoming increasingly important. One of the most widely used tools to protect against automated programs and bots is captcha. Recently, Cappy has introduced a new generation of captcha called Cappy Puzzle. In this article, we will look at who developed the Cappy Puzzle, what are its features and how difficult it is to bypass this protection system.

1. Cappy Puzzle Creator
Cappy Puzzle was developed by Cappy, a company that specializes in developing innovative information security solutions. A team of experts researched existing captcha methods and developed a new approach to offer an effective solution for protecting web resources from automated attacks.

2. Purpose of Cappy Puzzle
The purpose of the Cappy Puzzle is to distinguish between a human and a bot based on complex tasks that require analytical thinking and contextual understanding. It protects online resources from spammers, intruders and automated programs that try to carry out malicious actions or fraud.

3. Cappy Puzzle Features

Cappy Puzzle differs from traditional captchas in its features:

- Challenging tasks: Cappy Puzzle invites users to complete tasks that require logical thinking and problem solving, such as puzzles, puzzles or mathematical calculations. This makes it more difficult for bots to automatically recognize and bypass it.
- Adaptability: Cappy Puzzle can adapt to the difficulty level based on the user's past behavior. It can analyze the data and suggest tasks that match the individual abilities of the user.
- Multiplatform: Cappy Puzzle can be played on various platforms, including websites, mobile applications and other online services.
- Visual perception: Cappy Puzzle often uses tasks related to visual perception, such as image recognition, comparison and finding differences between them. This helps confirm that the user is a real person.

4. Cappy Puzzle Bypass Difficulty
Bypassing the Cappy Puzzle presents significant challenges for automated programs and bots. This is because the challenges offered by Cappy Puzzle require human intelligence to complete them successfully. Such tasks can be difficult to recognize and automate. What's more, Cappy Puzzle's adaptive system makes it harder to traverse because it can change the level of difficulty depending on the user's behavior.

Cappy Puzzle is a new generation of captcha developed by Cappy. It offers challenging tasks that require logical thinking and contextual understanding to distinguish between a human and a bot. Due to its features, such as the complexity of tasks, adaptability, multiplatform and visual perception, Cappy Puzzle has a high degree of protection against automatic programs. Its difficulty in bypassing it is a significant barrier to attackers who are trying to gain unauthorized access to online resources.

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