What is CC-Builder ?
CC-Builder is an Automation Script Creation tool for CoinCollector or can be used as a stand alone tool.

Automate Almost Any CryptoCurrency Faucet
*AND other Websites

CC-Builder will auto collect ANY Cryptocurrency, Use the CoinCollector Import options or use the custom option to enter any Crypto ID/Address that is not supported by CoinCollector.

[ Built in Element Inspector ]
CC-Builder now has an element Inspector built in for you to use in the internal browser, simply enable once you have loaded/Navigated to a web page then point and click the element you want, all of the elements Tags can then be copy and pasted.

[ Built in Captcha Support ]
CC-Builder comes with Multiple Captcha Support included - SolveMedia, reCaptcha (Text), reCaptcha (Images), these are the typical captcha types found on most faucets.

[ Dual View - Builder/Browser ]
Once you have added steps and built your Script simply switch to the built in browser view and Run/Debug your work.

[ Multiple Automation Options ]
CC-Builder comes with all the basic commands needed to Automate, ..

From Navigate to a URL, Click a page element, multiple Waiting types to Typing text by using Crypto ID's imported from CoinCollector or any custom text you choose and also includes a command to Scrape/Get a faucet claim amount to be displayed and added to the Totals displayed in CoinCollector.
CC-Builder was specifically developed to create custom faucet automation but can be used to automate many other types of website.


What is included with CC-Builder?
What commands are available to use ?...

Check out the Awesome Commands and Functions available in CC-Builder.

Navigate to a web page (or Load a webpage) ready to automate, very quick and simple.

Click an element on a page, anything from buttons and text to images. "AND" and "OR" operators supported.

[Type Text]
Type any text you like, use a Crypto address imported from CoinCollector or any other text you can think of.

[Wait(For Page Load)]
3 types to select including just waiting for a page to load and waiting for everything to load (background, javascript etc).

Wait for a specific amount of time in seconds.

[Wait(For Element)]
Wait for an element to load or appear. "AND" and "OR" operators supported

[Captcha Solve]
Solve multiple types of captchas, select which type directly or use the built in AutoDetect.

[Get Faucet Result]
Scrape/Get a faucet claim amount to be added to the Total claimed display in CoinCollector.

[Other Options ..]
Ive included a few options to make working between CC-Builder and CoinCollector SIMPLE and QUICK.

[Crypto Address/ID Import]
Quickly import all of your crypto address's from CoinCollector to use in CC-Builder, nice and simple.

[Captcha Settings Import]
Quickly import all of your Captcha Settings from CoinCollector stright into CC-Builder, again nice and simple.

[Load and Save Scripts]
Save your created Script to import straight into CoinCollector. Need to change something, no worries simply reload your saved work in a few clicks.

[Add / Insert / Edit / Copy / Delete Steps]
Complete control over your script creation, Add, Insert, Edit, Copy and Delete commands with ease to make your automation perfect.

CC-Builder has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system