ClickEm Project



  • Support for a large number of active sites, due to variable scripts;
  • Life-time license, i.e. pay 1 time and then all updates are free
  • Automatic recognition of captchas by built-in algorithms, with the possibility of manual correction.
  • It is possible to connect Tesseract OCR, as well as use the services of RuCaptcha, AntiGate (aka Anti-Captcha) and other services that support the AntiGate API, audio recognition;
  • Multithreading: a pool of threads that processes the entire list of sites (there can be an unlimited number of them)
  • Fine tuning of each account: the ability to set a browser, proxy, cookies;
  • Chromium-powered plugin that allows you to pass Google captchas;
  • High speed of work due to the use of the modified Synapse library
  • Bypass protection against autoclickers (link filtering must be provided in the script);
  • Support for custom scripts;
  • Socks / Http proxy support
  • Built-in proxy checker
  • Skins support;
  • And much more...

Paid program:
- 6 sites will be available in the unregistered version.
- in the registered version it will be possible to add any sites to which there is a script.

ClickEm Project has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system