Client for RuCaptcha


.NET client for RuCaptcha service

A small client for the RuCaptcha service

Usage example:
Loading captcha and getting a response
RuCaptchaClient client = new RuCaptchaClient (API_KEY);
string captcha_id = client.UploadCaptchaFile (filename);
string answer = null;
while (string.IsNullOrEmpty (answer))
     Thread.Sleep (5000);
         answer = client.GetCaptcha (captcha_id);
     catch (Exception ex)
         Console.WriteLine (ex.Message);

In this example, waiting for a response is done in a loop with a 5-second delay.
If the site, instead of the expected word, returns the status CAPTCHA_NOT_READY, etc. the client will throw an exception with matching text.