Clock on VK Avatar



This script sets the current time for the VK avatar.

Any data that can be obtained from Vkontakte or any other system can be updated. This can be your CRM system, Yandex traffic jams or weather, exchange rates, and so on.

You can display the day of the week, the current time and date, a countdown timer until a specific date and time. This is true when you have a competition or promotion in your group. When set to update after one minute, it looks very nice and effectively piques interest in what is happening.

You can display the last entered: from one to three people. You can show the member who wrote the most comments in your community per day. You can also display the member whose comments received the greatest approval from subscribers in the form of likes. All of this is especially true if you have an active community.

There are many options. Most importantly, you need to understand what kind of dynamic information you want to display on your community cover.

Clock on VK Avatar has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha