Cloudflare Turnstile



Cloudflare Turnstile is a tool developed by Cloudflare that is used to protect websites from unwanted traffic and abuse. Turnstile is part of Cloudflare Firewall, which keeps websites secure and performing.

Turnstile uses a captcha to check if a site visitor is a human or a bot. A captcha is a mechanism that forces the visitor to complete a simple task to prove they are a human and not an automated bot, such as selecting images with cars or traffic signs. This mechanism allows you to protect the site from automated attacks such as DDoS attacks, crawling and scraping.

One of the advantages of Turnstile is its ease of use. It integrates with other Cloudflare services and requires no additional configuration. It can also work with other security methods such as blocking IP addresses or carefully parsing HTTP requests.

Another benefit of Turnstile is its ability to enhance the user experience. Unlike other captchas, Turnstile offers custom options such as changing the language and image resolution, which can make the captcha process easier and more convenient for users.

Turnstile also provides additional protection against malicious attacks. It can work in traffic analysis mode and automatically block requests that may be associated with malicious behavior such as bots or scripts.

Using Cloudflare Turnstile is recommended for all sites that want to protect themselves from automated attacks. It provides an easy and convenient way to protect websites from unwanted traffic and malicious attacks, and improve user experience. All in all, Cloudflare Turnstile is a solid tool to protect your website from automated attacks and keep your traffic safe online.

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