Comparison of captcha bypass services: and



In today's digital world, captcha systems have become an integral part of protecting web resources from automated software scripts and bots. However, along with the increase in the level of protection, users have faced the need to solve captchas on various online platforms, which can be quite annoying and costly process.

In response to this problem, captcha circumvention services have emerged, such as and, which offer users captcha solving through artificial intelligence. Below we'll look at the main differences between the two services.

1. Prices and payment models:

The service offers different pricing plans for users, ranging from a basic free plan with limited features and number of solved captchas, to paid plans with different amounts of solutions. Payment at occurs as the service is used, which means that users pay only for the number of captchas they solve. also offers a variety of paid plans, ranging from a lower level free plan with limits on the number of captchas, to premium plans with higher limits and additional features. Unlike, also offers a recurring subscription payment, where users pay a monthly or annual fee for unlimited access to the service.

2. Captcha types that cost:

The service offers circumvention of various types of captchas, including text captchas, graphical captchas, ReCaptcha v2 and v3, as well as solving complex mathematical equations and simple puzzles. is also capable of bypassing different types of captchas, including text captchas, graph captchas, ReCaptcha v2 and v3, image-choice captchas and others. Both services have a wide range of supported captchas and provide the ability to solve them successfully.

3. Integration and API:

The service offers a simple and easy-to-use API for integration with various platforms. They provide documentation and code samples for developers to ensure easy integration and use of the service in automated processes. also provides an API for integration with external applications and platforms. They offer detailed documentation and support for developers to ensure smooth integration.

4. Quality solutions and speed: is known for its reliable and high-quality captcha solutions. The service has a large number of solvers to solve captchas quickly and provide a high level of accuracy. is also committed to high quality solutions and fast speed. They have a help desk and quality control to ensure that solutions are accurate and requests are handled quickly.

In the end, which captcha circumvention service to choose depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both and offer a wide range of features, good quality solutions and convenient tools for integration. When choosing a service, it is recommended to review their pricing plans, supported captcha types and user reviews to make an informed choice.