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Coordinates captcha is one type of captcha that uses a coordinate task to check if the user is a human or a bot. It requires the user to enter or select specific coordinates on an image or map. Coordinates captcha has its own features and benefits that make it an effective tool for protecting websites.

Captcha Coordinates features:
1. Task with coordinates: The main feature of Coordinates captcha is that the user is offered a task related to coordinates. This may be pointing to a point on an image, selecting a specific location on a map, or other similar tasks. The user must enter the correct coordinates in order to pass the verification.

2. Variability: Coordinates captcha can offer different options for tasks with coordinates. Some may be more complex, requiring precise coordinates, while others may be simpler, with wider ranges of valid answers.

3. Protection against bots: Coordinates captcha effectively protects websites from automated bot attacks. Since it is difficult for bots to accurately determine and specify the required coordinates, they cannot successfully pass the check and only real users have access to protected resources.

Benefits of using Coordinates captcha:
- high security: Coordinates captcha provides a high level of protection against bots and spam. Coordinate jobs are hard to automate, so bots can't effectively pass validation and act on a website.

- simplicity for users: Unlike some complex and confusing captchas, coordinate tasks can be relatively simple for real users. This does not require them to enter text or solve complex math problems, providing a more convenient user experience.

- flexibility and customizability: Coordinates captcha can be customized and adapted to the specific needs of the website. Developers can define the difficulty of tasks with coordinates, the range of valid answers, and other parameters so that the captcha integrates with the design and functionality of the website.

Coordinates captcha is an effective way to protect websites from bots and spam. It combines a high level of security with ease of use for real users. Due to its flexibility and customization, Coordinates captcha can be tailored to the needs of a particular website and effectively used to prevent automated attacks and secure online resources.

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