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With our Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software, you can contact tens of thousands of Shopify websites on auto-pilot. Say goodbye to the days when you had to submit Shopify contact forms manually! Simply enter your contact details, message and allow the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software to do its magic.

During many months of testing our Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software, we have come to the conclusion that contact form submissions have the best open rate. Say goodbye to newsletters and e-mails that always end up in the spam folder. Contact form submissions are by far the most effective way of getting the website owner to look at your message. Turn every contact form submission into a converting sales lead now!

We have integrated an IP rotation system to prevent your IP from being blacklisted when submitting too many Shopify contact forms. Whenever a captcha is thrown out to verify that you are a human, you have the option of completing the Google captcha yourself or you can add your 2captcha key to send all the Google captchas to 2captcha, an external de-captcha service. Alternatively, you can skip all contact forms that bring up Google captchas. We have also added a Shopify website crawler that will crawl the search engines for Shopify website contact pages depending on your keywords. You can then apply a filter to all urls to skip domains without a particular keyword inside them. Then, simply transfer all the Shopify contact form urls to the poster, hit start and watch the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software in action. You can always view the process inside a separate Chrome window!

Shopify e-commerce platform represents a very good business-to-business selling potential with tens of thousands of quality e-commerce websites. Shopify is also one of the most successful e-commerce platforms with a focus on revenue generation. Shopify hosts some of the most successful e-commerce stores with e-commerce store owners who spend the most.

  • IP rotation - add private proxies and set rotation intervals to keep on changing the IPs. This will help to ensure that your IP will not be blacklisted by SPAM filters for sending out too many contact form submissions. Please note that you will have to buy private proxies. IP rotation also helps to ensure that your message is not flagged as spam when it comes to the recipient's inbox.
  • Poster delay - You can set the time for each contact form submission in order to keep everything looking natural. We recommend that you keep things relatively slow if you do not have too many proxies.
  • Manual captcha solving - Shopify will sometimes present you with a Google captcha to verify that you are a human. As soon as Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software detects a captcha, it will present you with a message to complete the captcha manually and once you have done it, you simply click ok and the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software continues to the next url. If you do not want to spend money on decatcha service, you can complete the captchas manually. However, we strongly recommend that you use 2captcha service because $2-$3 per 1,000 de-captchas is probably worth less than your time.
  • Skip Manual captchas - if you do not feel like solving the manual captchas from Google, you can check a box to skip all contact forms requiring captcha. If you decide to skip manual captchas, make sure to allow plenty of delay time between each contact form submission.
  • 2Captcha API Integration - simply register with 2captcha and enter your key inside the software. The Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software will automatically send the captcha to be completed by 2captcha de-captcha service. Please note that the decaptcha service has a charge (something around the $2 mark for every 1,000 Google captchas) which is still very good value for money.
  • Integrated Shopify contact page crawler - simply enter your keywords and the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software will crawl the search engines for Shopify website contact pages. You can also apply a filter to exclude all domains that do not contain a set of keywords inside the website address.
  • 100% Transparency - You can view the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software in action through a separate Chrome window.
  • Extra Bonus - we have integrated a secret system that will automatically close all pop ups and even complete age verification pop up boxes for adult-related websites such as vape websites for example.
Crazy Pants Leads Generator has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system


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Thank you so much for sharing it. People don't really underestimate the importance of e-commerce today. But the thing they underestimate more is its real potential. My friend who works at told me a lot about it. If to start with small. Website is actually a very important investment, and every entrepreneur knows it. A good website makes you great sales. That's why spending some good money on your website is crucial. You've definitely noticed that the easier website is to use, the more the chance you'll buy there smth. That's how it works.
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