CyberSiARA CAPTCHA solving service



2Captcha is a captcha solving service that allows users to bypass CyberSiARA captchas automatically. The cost of recognition is $2.99 for 1000 solving captchas[4]. The following are the steps to solve CyberSiARA captcha using 2Captcha:

1. Follow the guide on bypassing CyberSiARA captcha in API documentation.
2. Use the createTask method to send a request to the API endpoint with the website URL where the captcha is loaded, the value of the MasterUrlId parameter obtained from the request to the endpoint API/CyberSiara/GetCyberSiara, and the user agent of the browser that will be used to load the captcha.
3. The API will return a response with the solution to the captcha.

Solving CyberSiARA captchas using the solver API is a great way to automate the bypassing process. CyberSiARA captchas can be challenging to solve, particularly if there are many of them. But with 2Captcha, the process goes smoothly and swiftly.