Dealing with Grid captcha: exception, functionality, advantage, repeatability and universality of bypass



In the elite network, cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics. Among the various methods of protecting online resources from automated attacks and detection, CAPTCHA systems (completely automated public Turing test to identify computers and people separately) require a special place. One of the newest and most effective CAPTCHA methods is the Grid Captcha. In this article, we will consider its occurrence, features of functionality, advantages and benefits, as well as the difficulty of bypassing this type of captcha.

1. The occurrence of Grid-captcha
Grid Captcha has been designed with the highest quality and efficiency of the CAPTCHA system. Its concept was introduced in 2012 in the article "Asirra: A CAPTCHA using manual categorization of images by interest" by researchers at Carnom University. Grid-captcha offers to connect an assembly based on image filtering.

2. Grid captcha functionality
The basic principle of Grid-captcha results in the identification of identified violations or allergic reactions associated with images. For example, you might be prompted to select all images containing cars or streets. The task is simple for a human, but tends towards automatic programs.

3. Benefits of Grid captcha
- Efficiency: Grid-captcha allows you to achieve the highest degree of protection against automatic attacks, as it requires a person to perform a task.
- Ease of the table: Unlike some other types of CAPTCHAs, Grid captcha usually requires the user to make several clicks or selections.
- Variability: Grid captcha tasks can be optimized and modified to offer different use cases and make it harder to bypass the system.

4. Disadvantages of Grid Captcha
- Difficulty for some users: Connecting grid captcha networks may be difficult for some people, especially if they have limited computer or view skills.
- Difficulty in Implementation: Creating and maintaining a Grid captcha can increase resources and attract attention.
- Bypassable: Although highly effective, Grid Captcha can still be bypassed, especially when collecting advanced machine learning techniques or formation detection.

5. Difficulty bypassing Grid captcha
Grid-capcha has a higher crawl rate than some other CAPTCHA types. However, with the supposed technologies of machine learning and computer vision, new methods have been proposed that automatically bypass the Grid captcha by automatically injecting the program. This may include the use of neural networks, potential education algorithms, or crowdsourcing.

Grid captcha is an effective means of protecting online resources from automatic attacks and attacks. She suggests using a simple width related to image classification. However, despite its effectiveness, grid captcha is not perfect and can be bypassed using advanced machine learning technologies. Developers and manufacturers are constantly working on improving the Grid captcha and creating new protection methods in order to use secure online environments.

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