DiploVK - Account creator




By purchasing this software, you are buying the opportunity to see the full power of high-speed registration on requests! You no longer need bulky creators that work through browser emulation, which, among other things, ate a lot of resources and brutally slowed down the Internet!

You buy not only software for work, but also a detailed manual for work, which will help to understand everything and at once, even to a person who has not worked with account registration before!

Don't skimp on price when it comes to convenience. Especially when the price doesn't bite!

Software functionality
1. Automatic registration of accounts via smshub
2. Random generation of date of birth
3. Choice of gender
4. Ability to upload your first / last names
5. Ability to set status
6. Automatic loading of the avatar
7. Multithreading
8. Work through a proxy
9. Automatic or manual captcha solution [RUCAPTCHA]
10. Ability to write data with token and ID
11. A detailed manual for working with tips for working with registration, incl. how to minimize the risk of an account being banned by links to high-quality and inexpensive proxies and much more!

DiploVK has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha