Do you speak Spanish?



Earn money writing in Spanish on to attract new workers.

When it is night in Eurasia, we do not lack CAPTCHAs to solve but we lack workers. If you are in Latin America, and it is up to date there, it is possible to solve CAPTCHAs and earn double compared to the day in Eurasia. But not all workers know.

You can help us and earn money by writing a message to workers, explaining how to earn with and posting your message on the Internet.

What text do we need?

It tells how to earn money solving the CAPTCHAs for
The text must contain the explanation and some screenshots.

  • Before creating the text, let us know where you want to publish it. Use the 'Support request' form on this page.
  • Post the text in a forum or on your blog where potential workers can see it.
  • If you put the text on your blog, we pay right after publication.
  • If you put the text in a thematic forum - we pay, if the text has been hanging there for 8 days.
  • We pay $ 3 to $ 15 for each post on your blog \ forum post. The price depends on where you post it. We evaluate the site that you propose and tell you the price we can pay for the publication.
  • Also, we pay 10% referrals for each worker if they sign up after following your referral link. You can get your referral link here.

Payment Methods

Webmoney here:
Perfect Money here:
Payza here:
Bitcoin here:

How to start?

Send your link here and we will review the site that you propose for the publication. After the review we will tell you how much we are willing to pay for the post there and after approval you can publish your text!