DrupaliciousBot is a fully automated comment solution for websites using the Drupal CMS. With this application it is easy to get thousands of comments posted on a massive amount of Websites, to directly promote your Products, get your Sites ranking higher in the search engines and possibly increase Google Page Rank.

DrupaliciousBot has a heuristic parsing engine to locate comment/blog and registration forms using simple pattern based AI to, for example, follow "read more", "add comment" or "login or register to post a comment" links in order to locate the forms it needs to do its job. That means if you scrape target URLs, you don't have to specifically look for pages with comment forms on them (although it would speed things up as the Bot then doesn't have to parse, request and load extra pages), but you can pass a "raw" link list to the Drupal Bot and it will try to find a comment form on its own. If registration is required, the Bot will try to register, login and then it goes to the root domain and starts to parse the page for comment forms or links like "add comment", as described above. By the way, all connections are done via HttpWebRequest to control the HTML protocol data flow. Why is this important? Because amateur applications offten use a Webbrowser control that is utilizing Microsoft Internet Explorer, which renders and executes all scripts, thus putting the User at risk of getting infected by hacked Websites. Our Drupal Bot will never execute these scripts.

+ Multithreading
+ Nested Spintax
+ Captcha Breaking
+ Internal Math Captcha Solving
+ Internal Textcaptcha Solving
+ Internal solving of Drupal Captcha Pack (i.e. Phrase/Lost Character/ASCII art/Foo)
+ Proxy Support
+ Web Requests using pure Sockets
+ Automatic Email Verification
+ Dump Email Support (no need for own email accounts)
+ Automatic Account Creation
+ Heuristic Parsing Engine
+ Honeypot Evasion tactics
+ Ability To Create Blog/Story/Forum Posts On Certain Drupal Sites
+ SSL Support
+ Random User Agents
+ Graphical Realtime Statistics
+ Scraping

DrupaliciousBot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com