Earn funds automatically - RuCaptcha


You can earn on 2captcha doing literally nothing! All you need is to fetch the latest version of our RuCaptchaBot-X client, run it and configure accordingly indicating your API KEY for authorization.

After the launch the program will calculate for some time and then you will see the "score" value on the bottom left corner.
- If your score is 0.9 - you are lucky! Only about 5% of workers have it. All you need is to leave the program started with active internet connection and you will earn money automatically.
- If your score is 0.3 or higher - you are lucky too. The program will earn a little bit less than if you've got 0.9 but still you will earn automatically if you leave the program started with active internet connection.
- If your score is 0.1 then you are not in lucky 9% of the workers. The program will not earn anything by itself and you have to proceed typing captchas.

What is the Score about and why is it important at all.
Score is the evaluation of your IP-address in the ReCaptcha service. If your Score is above 0.1 we will send the requests from ReCaptcha and the program will solve it without your interaction and send us the results. You will earn money automatically if the program is running and has active internet access.

How do I increase my Score?
Honestly we don't know. Score is based on your IP-address and sometimes it changes if you change your IP-address, reboot your PC or router or switch to your mobile internet.

How much can I earn if my score is from 0.3 to 0.9?
Currently there is not many customers who requests ReCaptcha v3 so for now you can earn about $0.5-$2 per day.
But the number of the customers could and hopefully will increase and you will earn more.

What should I do if my score is 0.1 and the IP change can't help that?
You should keep working on solving captchas as before and hope that some day your Score will increase.