Earning with 2captcha.com Chrome extension


Setting up instruction:
  1. Download the extension
  2. Unzip the archive and make sure you remember location you store unzipped files.
  3. Open Google Chrome, click on Menu button, then click Settings and find Extensions as shown on a picture.

  4. Enable Developer mode and click Load unpacked.

  5. Locate the folder you have extracted downloaded extension in (as instructed in p.2) and click "Select folder".
  6. If everything is fine you will see 2captcha extension button on right top corner. Click on it and indicate your ClientKey. You will then see your account name and current balance

  7. After few minutes your actual score will be calculated. If you are lucky and it is 0.7 or 0.9, you will be able to earn funds with this extension.
Please note
- there is a possibility that Google will eventually ban you. You will loose the ability to earn with the extension and will notice some difficulties with authorization on different sites. In that case you are advised to remove 2captcha extension.
- You may install this extension on several browsers and devices using the same credentials to earn more.