A very simple bot for working with tasks in Vkontakte cheat services: Promovk, Turboliker, Snebes, Olike, Smofast, Fastliker, Smmok, Addmefast, Yoolike, socgain, Freeliked, Vkserfing, AdSocial, Putliker. The program provides full functionality for performing tasks in services.

All types of tasks:
[#] I like
[#] Reposts
[#] Groups and Public pages
[#] Friends and subscribers
Therefore, you no longer need to search websites and forums to find the relevant application that would automate the process of earning points.
The program is written in such a way that when you use it, you will not be threatened with blocking your account. It uses many tools that give cheating a more human look, for example, delay, captcha recognition, and so on.

Detailed description of the program's functionality:
  • Quest limits.
  • Several captcha input modes: manual and automatic.
  • The program works 24/7.
  • A random pause when the program transitions from one task to another.
  • Sound notification.
  • Output to the program window of statistics, displaying the balance of points and keys, the number of processed tasks, etc.
  • Draining points for assignments.
  • Installing proxy servers http and https.
  • Launching an unlimited number of windows, the so-called multithreading.
  • Constant updates.
  • Auto-registration of new accounts in the service.
  • A convenient form for entering data that serves for authorization, in the following format: login: password.
  • Setting the delay time in seconds.
Easy Top has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com