Emulator of VK accounts life [LISA VK]



The emulator of vital activity of VKontakte accounts LISA [Life Imitation System Accounts VK] is designed to simultaneously develop and monetize your accounts by performing the actions you need, but not just the same type and "head-on", but by randomly combining them with each other.

The main principle of the emulator is maximum randomness! Random accounts, random tasks in a random sequence a random number of times with random delays. This provides a more natural average daily activity for each bot. All this allows you to minimize the number of eternal bans, which will undoubtedly make your work in VK even more effective. And for some, it may open up new horizons for monetization.

Who will benefit from:
  • SMM'ers,
  • For arbitrageurs,
  • Community administrators,
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Broad spectrum internet marketers,
  • Information businessmen,
  • Networkers (MLM).

  • Convenient work with a large database of accounts.
  • Multi-threaded work (10,20,100 or more threads is not a problem).
  • 2 modes of operation: randomization of tasks and randomization of actions.
  • The ability to assign a proxy to each account separately.
  • Limiting the maximum number of threads per proxy.
  • The ability to assign a unique user agent to each account separately.
  • Browser mode for working with accounts with parameters from the database (proxy, cookies, user agent, etc.)
  • Convenient work with target audience lists.
  • Convenient work with offers (product offers).
  • Automatic change of fixing a promo post on the account wall.
  • Automatic checker of redirects used in a promo post for their blocking by VK.
  • Automatic monitoring of changes to the last name, first name and URL of the account for theft / restoration by the previous owner / sale in several hands by unscrupulous sellers.
  • Automatic collection of account puzomers: the number of friends, subscribers, subscriptions, groups, pages, posts, photos, audio, video, likes under pictures, likes under posts, likes under videos that the account has made over the entire period of its existence.
  • Automatic calculation of the number of emulations, the number of completed tasks, eaten captchas, the total account emulation time, as well as the calculation of daily statistics on likes, reposts, invites (to friends and to promo communities).
  • Keeping statistics (daily, yesterday and all) on invites, likes, reposts and invites to the promo community.
  • An advanced system for selecting accounts for emulation. Implemented 2 ways: random selection and selection of the most cooled since the moment of extreme emulation.
  • Sleep function to provide even more randomness through random intraday pauses.
  • Possibility of limiting the minimum and maximum duration of the emulation session.
  • The ability to limit the minimum and maximum number of jobs that the emulator can take into work.
  • Autochecker of accounts in real time.
  • Using any applications (both third-party and own) to work with the VK API.
  • Account database backup system with the ability to specify the storage period for copies.
  • Detailed logging of the progress of the emulator: notifications, errors, warnings with the possibility of further saving the selected types of notifications to separate files.
  • Random inviting according to the general list of users and according to the list of target audiences.
  • Sending welcome messages when adding to friends. Messages are uniqueized by spintax and transliteration of similar characters automatically on the fly.
  • Accidental cancellation of incoming and outgoing friend requests.
  • Accidental deletion of "dogs" from akka friends list.
  • Reading random private messages.
  • An autoresponder to private messages with text uniqueization through spintax and through transliteration of similar characters in both directions (RU = & gt; EN, EN = & gt; RU), as well as with an unlimited number of touches from the target audience (i.e. you can schedule in advance how many any steps of dialogue).
  • Manual management of private messages of all bots at once through a special plug-in LISA VK Message Manager.
  • Possibility of sending drugs to the CA database with the possibility of automatic substitution of the name, surname and city of CA.
  • Possibility of simultaneous use of Autoresponder and LISA VK Message Manager. Those. after a series of auto-replies, all correspondence with the target audience can be sent to LMM and continue the communication in manual mode.
  • An autoresponder to private messages with uniqueness through the spinax {option1 | option2 | option3} and transliteration of similar characters in both directions at once (RU = & gt; EN; EN = & gt; RU) and an unlimited number of touches from the target audience.
  • Joining random communities from the general list and promo communities of a specific offer.
  • The ability to specify a daily limit (as a percentage of the total number of participants) for bots to join promo communities to smooth out daily jumps in community statistics.
  • Exit from random communities (excluding promo communities).
  • Approving and rejecting random invitations to communities and events.
  • Random mass-likes according to the general list of users or according to the list of target audiences.

Emulator of VK accounts life has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha