eTXT Anti-Plagiarism



Etxt Antiplagiat is a program for searching for plagiarism on the Internet and assessing the uniqueness of texts. With its help, you can check the text for uniqueness quickly and efficiently. Allows you to conduct a detailed analysis of the uniqueness of the text and determine the originality of the article as a percentage. Shows non-unique phrases, highlighting them in different colors and allows you to immediately edit them and send the text for re-checking.

Features Etxt Antiplagiat:
  • search for matches on Yandex, Google, Bing, Nigma, Qip, Rambler, Yahoo;
  • find and highlight non-unique text fragments directly on the recreated copy of a web page;
  • designate non-unique fragments with different colors in accordance with the percentage of matches;
  • create detailed reports for checking the uniqueness of content with the ability to customize various search parameters - the number of samples from the text, the number of words in the shingle, etc.;
  • conduct a batch scan of all files from a folder and based on a list of addresses from a file, addresses can belong to different sites: work with a list of proxies, including private ones through authorization;
  • check for uniqueness all pages of the site, issuing a detailed report on the site;
  • recognize captchas using anti-captcha services;
  • maintain a history of inspections.
eTXT Anti-Plagiarism has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system