Exchange with EGAIS from 1C



Processing works on the 1C v7.7 platform

Configurations (with little or no modification):
  • wine and vodka Trade based on the typical configuration "Trade + Warehouse"
  • typical configuration "Trade + Warehouse"
  • You can offer your own configuration option based on 1C: Enterprise v7.7, in which it is necessary to organize the processing, ready to analyze the readiness of your configuration in the shortest possible time and, if possible, to customize it.
The processing code is completely open, does not contain license restrictions, and can be modified at your discretion.

The work of Wholesale and Retail is fully supported ...

Current processing version

When finalizing and expanding the functionality, new versions will be provided as part of support.

Receiving updates: You make a request indicating the postal address of the program purchase, then you will receive updates by mail.

Technical support is completely free for 1 month. from the date of purchase, I will try to give answers to any questions in the discussion of this processing and in private messages. Further, it is possible to purchase paid technical support for 1 quarter.

The archive contains the processing itself (Obmen_egais.ert), the matching module (Poisk.ert), the Assistant module for managing codes and bindings (HelpEGAIS.ert), the Batch Management module for placing and removing stocks, managing the actual balances (Batch Management.ert).

And two directories:
  1. dll - here is everything you need to register (if they are not in your system) wonderful libraries 1CPP.dll and FormEx.dll, designed for convenience in working with processing (Added OcvitaBarcode.ocx library for printing QR codes).
  2. temp - directory of temporary files for exchange with the curl.exe program (download the version for your system here:
By registering libraries! The program for registration in any win system is available for download ...

That, in fact, is all that is needed for processing to work.

Key features:

Processing allows you to establish data exchange between your accounting system (US) and EGAIS through a universal transport module (UTM), of the following types:
  • request and download the directory of the organization;
  • request and download of manufacturers / importers directories;
  • request and download of reference books of alcoholic beverages (AP);
  • request and download of reference books of counterparties;
  • loading leftovers;
  • loading of documents of consignment note from suppliers;
  • Sending acts of confirmation / refusal / discrepancy on the received TTN;
  • download of B reference documents from suppliers;
  • unloading of TTN for buyers;
  • sending acts of write-off and staging on the Balance;
  • sending a check to the EGAIS resource to confirm the legality of the AP;
  • sending a request for repeating TTN by WbRegId in case of accidental deletion from the UTM or its own RS;
  • request for product movements by reference ID B
  • etc.
In addition, a functional has been developed for linking the AP and counterparties codes to the corresponding EGAIS codes.

It works both in conjunction with the modules Assembling orders (implementation of ala-batch accounting, linking certificates A and B) and the Logistics module (filling in the transport section in the TTN) and without them (if you have already implemented this functionality).

Processing is actively being added to improve its capabilities, convenience and flexibility.

Exchange with EGAIS from 1C has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system