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How much does it cost to recognize 1000 captchas?
The price is formed depending on the load of the service with captchas and the number of employees online. The price is the same for all webmasters at the same time, and ranges from $0.44 per 1000 captchas. You can get the current price by API or look at the page "API webmaster". The webmaster can adjust the maximum bid for a captcha. In those moments when the server rate is higher than the maximum rate, captcha will not be accepted on the server, and the webmaster will receive an ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE error.

Got an error ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE, what does this mean?
This means that the current bid on the server is higher than the maximum bid in your settings. Let us remind you that at the moment of loading, the current server rate is deducted from you, and not the maximum of your settings. If the server rate is Higher than your limit, you will receive an error ERROR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE and your captcha will not be accepted by the server.

Return for incorrectly recognized images
To return for incorrect recognition, the webmaster must notify the server about the incorrect recognition. Either in automatic mode, through the reportbad function , or by hand pressing the "recognized incorrectly" button on the "loaded captchas" page . The complaint must be filed within 15 minutes from the moment the captcha was loaded, after this time the server will not accept the complaint and return ERROR_WRONG_CAPTCHA_ID
After filing a complaint, the employee is blocked the amount of earnings for this captcha and he is given 2 days to challenge, or an agreement with the blocking of earnings for this captcha. After 2 days, the funds debited for incorrectly recognized captchas are returned to the webmaster's balance, except for those where the employee appealed the webmaster's decision and the moderators accepted an appeal from the employee.

How long is the uploaded captcha stored on the server, how long can I get a response or complain?
From the moment the captcha is uploaded to the server, it is stored for up to 6 hours, you can receive an answer to it or issue a reportbad with a request to res.php within 15 minutes.

I want captchas to be solved automatically, what do I need to do for this?
If you have an application that can work with the RuCaptcha.com service, then you need to:
1) Register on the service
2) Top up the balance by any amount (at least 10 rubles)
3) Copy the API KEY from the page to your program settings
4) B Enable captcha recognition for your program via RuCaptcha.com

If you do not have an application and you are tired of captcha, then try to find an application in our catalog that would solve your tasks https://2captcha.com/software
If there were no applications for your purposes, you can try asking around on the forum dedicated to bypassing captcha https://captchaforum.com
Or you can write your own application. Our API for the interaction of your application with our service: http://2captcha.com/api-rucaptcha

Can I pay you so that I no longer see captcha in my browser?
Unfortunately this is not possible.