FAQ - RuCaptcha



What is the minimum withdrawal rate?
15 rubles

Where can I find the API key or API key?
On the API page Webmaster

I solve the captcha, it is written above it that it costs 10 kopecks, but only one kopeck is credited?
If it is written 0.010 rubles, then this is 0.01 rubles, i.e. 1 kopeck, if it is written 0.015 rubles, then this is 1.5 kopecks. 10 kopecks is 0.100 rubles

Website rucaptcha.com does not open
In 95% of cases, this occurs after using the XEvil or CapMonster programs. These programs make changes to the hosts file to emulate the rucaptcha.com service, follow the changes to the hosts file to emulate the rucaptcha.com service. You need to find the hosts file from there delete all lines in and there are rucaptcha.com
How to find the hosts file and edit it:
The hosts file is located in the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc folder, you need to open it with regular Notepad (notepad.exe). If you cannot save it during editing, then you need to copy the file to the desktop, edit it on the desktop and then copy it back.

If there is no mention of rucaptcha.com in the hosts file, then go to our VK group: https: //vk.com/rucaptcha and ask if the rucaptcha is working for other users at the moment.