Faucet Drainer V3
Still in Development.

This version has taken awhile to arrive, mainly due to a lack of time on my part and for those
that have been waiting for it, I apologise
I had tried to put too many new features in at once and just havent had the time to test properly
Im therefore going to release this version which I believe is stable for you to use and help me test
I can then work on getting the other features that I have added tested and then will re release

*Note that in this version I have disabled LTC and Doge screens.
This is purely because I havent had time to test and dont want to release it in this state. Especially if you are using a paid decrypt service.
Also, I have limited the use of using your own sites to 5 as this hasnt been fully tested either and releaseing in the hope you can offer some testing time
Hopefully with feedback from yourselves on what you like and hate, I can get the next version out quicker
Spread the word and let me know of any sites that should be included

Why? I love Bitcoin but hate going to each site, I wanted something in one place where
I could just kick it off and either send to a breaker or enter the captchas myself

.Works on SolveMedia and early Recaptcha
.Currently looking to add the new Recaptcha sites. IE I'm not a robot

Site timers also disabled. Mixed sites from 5 mins to 3 hours
Auto Decrypt uses the 2captcha service. See the Config screen for details
Current version holds aprox 45 faucets
All but 2 payments to FaucetBox the remaining 2 are paytoshi which auto pay at 6000 sats

Whats New:
-Added auto decrypt using the 2Captcha service.
-You can now create your own list of faucet sites to visit. Example can be found in the same directory named Faucets.txt
-Added a logfile so you can track what sites were visited and answered etc
-Added a 14 second pause on grabbing captchas..useful if automating and you get a solvemedia video captcha
-Added FaucetBox balance to gui
-Added Configuration section so you dont have to keep putting in your Addresses for BTC,LTC and Doge
-Added Version checker (Currently disabled)

The new recaptch has thrown a spanner in the works by keep changing..so disabled for now
I have just noticed that sometimes the site doesnt auto skip on sites that have already been visited!..Will fix
The Faucetbox balance doesnt always show..to be fixed
Have not been able to work out a good way to deal with questions and drop downs..currently refresh is the only way past
Please feel free to contact me if you find any other bugs or have a request

FaucetDrain has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com