Financial issues



System charges more than it is supposed to
It can be attributed to several reasons:
1) You enabled “100% recognitoin” which means that every captcha is solved by more than one worker. Please see details for that function.
2) You upload captchas that have more than 9 symbols in the answer, we charge double for such captcha
3) You upload big captchas: if sum of height and width is greater than 400px or size is more than 25kb, then it is a “big captcha” and webmaster is charged 0,75$ per 1000 captchas.
4) You upload special captcha with id_constructor tick

I used to spend 100 captchas/hour and now I spend 500 captchas/hour, why?
We show you stats on how many images you sent us:
We show you captchas you uploaded during last 6 hours:
Why you used to send us 100 and now you send 500 captchas per hours we have no idea.
We advise you to ask your software developer or those who use it.

I didn’t use the software but I have been charged for some time period.
We charge you money only when we receive captcha with your API-key. If the interface shows charges, but you didn’t send us anything, then somebody used your key. Change your key, your password and preferably your e-mail password.
We implement strict security measures against bruteforce attacks, but you should also do all you can.

How do I return my deposited money?
If you don’t need our service anymore, you can withdraw your money back to the purse/card from which you deposited.
In order to do so please fill the form below:
1) Reason you decided to stop working with our service
2) Purse you used for the last deposit
3) Which system you used for the last deposit

Funds can be returned only to the purse from which they were deposited. The full procedure can take up to a month.