Firefox extension: 2Captcha Solver



Web browser extensions have become an integral part of our online activities, providing additional features and capabilities while browsing the web. In this article, we will look at the "2captcha Solver" extension for the Firefox browser, which provides a convenient way to use the service to recognize captchas directly in the browser.

1. Easy installation and configuration
The "2captcha Solver" extension is available for installation from the official Firefox app store. After successfully installing the extension, you can easily configure it for use with your account at The setup process usually involves entering an API key, which you can get from the 2captcha website.

2. Captcha recognition directly in the browser
Once successfully configured, the "2captcha Solver" extension provides the ability to automatically recognize captchas on web pages that require user verification. Instead of entering the captcha manually, the extension automatically sends it to the 2captcha server for recognition. After receiving the result, it inserts the captcha response into the corresponding field on the web page, allowing you to continue the interaction without interruption.

3. Support for different types of captchas
The extension "2captcha Solver" supports the recognition of different types of captchas, including plain text captchas, mathematical problems, using images.

4. Personalization of settings
The "2captcha Solver" extension also provides the ability to configure certain captcha recognition parameters. For example, you can prioritize recognition speed or accuracy depending on your choice. This allows you to optimize the use of the 2captcha service, taking into account your needs and requirements.

5. Privacy and Security
The extension "2captcha Solver" ensures the protection of the privacy of your information. All data related to captcha recognition is processed on the 2captcha servers and is not stored in the extension or on your device. This ensures security and privacy when using the extension.

The "2captcha Solver" extension for the Firefox browser is a powerful tool that allows you to conveniently use the captcha recognition service while browsing web pages. It provides automatic captcha recognition and facilitates interaction with sites that require user verification. Thanks to its customization and support for different types of captchas, you can customize the extension to your needs. In addition, it guarantees the privacy and security of your information. If you need convenient captcha recognition while browsing the web, the "2captcha Solver" extension is an excellent choice.