How does the program work?
The program constantly automatically checks the added communities for new entries in them. As soon as a new post appears in the group, the program sends a comment to it

What is it for?
This is necessary to attract an audience to your community, a VK page with minimal costs. The first comment is always visible to everyone.

  • Supports up to 1000 concurrently monitored communities
  • Support for a large number of accounts
  • Proxy
  • Support for all kinds of attachments (photo / video / audio / audio playlists / documents / articles / wiki pages)
  • Ability to send both text comments and stickers
  • Ability to attach a link
  • Captcha recognition via RuCaptcha / Antigate / RipCaptcha / Cptch.Net
  • Randomize comment text
  • Delay before submitting a comment
  • Answer to the first comment if "pervonah" is taken by another person
  • Ability to post comments on behalf of the community
  • The function of putting a like on the posted comment (your comment will be more visible)
  • The function of putting a like on a new post
  • Limits for accounts / captchas / communities / blocks
  • Skipping posts containing links, reposts, or the "Advertisement" tag
  • Ability to comment only on posts that contain the desired keywords or attachments
  • Start tracking new posts by timer
FirstCommentVk has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system