For customers - ReCaptcha V2



ReCaptcha v2 can be walked in two ways:

1) Lightweight but expensive
When you send us only the address of the site where you pass the captcha and the Google token from this site. In return, you receive a token for passing the recaptcha.
This method is easy for you to implement: the captcha is passed without browser emulation and without clicks on the captcha, but it is very difficult for us. Because we have to open the recaptcha on our side and show it to the worker.
Detailed description and API: Passing ReCaptcha without browser emulation

For Human Emulator Owners: the actual template is here
For Zennoposter Owners: the actual template is here

2) Sophisticated but cheap
Our service supports the solution of the new ReCaptcha v2, where you need to check the box and select images.
We support captchas for 9/16/8 cells.

Scheme of work:

0) You open a page with recaptcha in your browser
1) You check the box
2) Get a picture + instructions
3) Send us a picture + instruction
4) Get the CAPTCHA ID from us
5) After 5 seconds, ask for an answer to the captcha
6) We provide the numbers of the pictures that you need to click to pass the captcha
7) Click on the specified images.

Captchas are sent in the same way as regular captchas (see the API for sending captchas), but with additional fields

Captcha for 9 \ 16 squares + text instructions Send additional parameters:
recaptcha = 1
textinstructions =% TEXT%
Where% TEXT% is the text of what you need to indicate (road signs, palm trees, a gift, a sign, etc.)

Captcha for 9 \ 16 squares + instruction in the picture Send additional parameters:
recaptcha = 1
imginstructions = img
where "img" is the instruction picture. It can be sent multipart and base64

Requirements for captcha, sample and text:
- The captcha itself must be either 300x300px, or 600x600px, or 632x632px
- The size of the captcha should be as it is, on images 300x300 we will overlay a grid of 9 squares, on images 600x600 and 632x632px we will overlay a grid of 16 squares
- Captcha must be less than 100 KB
-textinstructions must come in UTF-8 encoding
-textinstructions should contain only what needs to be selected on the captcha
-imginstructions must be no more than 100x100px
-imginstructions must be less than 25KB

API and a detailed description of the algorithm: ReCaptcha solution with image transfer