For employees - Earnings with RuCaptcha



What is the minimum for withdrawal?
15 rubles (on QIWI and Yandex - 16 rubles minimum wage)

How to withdraw earned money?
Go to the "start earning" section, click the "withdraw funds" button, indicate to begin with where you will order the payment, to which wallet, then specify the amount of the application and click the "order" button. If you suddenly do not have a "withdraw funds" button, then you have replenished the balance, after replenishing the balance, this button disappears, because the system recognizes you as a webmaster who spends funds in the service and they do not need a withdrawal button.

I ordered a payment, how soon will I receive it?
When choosing which payment system to withdraw funds to, the terms of payments are written. The payment comes within 10 minutes, if the amount of payments per day is not more than 100 rubles. If more - the payment will come within 2 working days. Withdrawal of funds to phones takes place on Monday and Friday after 18:00

Where is the money withdrawn?
To WebMoney (WMR), QIWI, Yandex.Money, Payeer, W1, OkPay, and to a mobile phone account (Russian MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele-2)

Captchas became cheap and there are very few of them
The cost of captcha depends on the load of the service with captchas and the number of employees. If there are more employees than captchas, then the rate is automatically reduced.

For one captcha they give only 1 kopeck, make at least 3, or better 10
The price rises if customers send more captchas than the workers who are online now can figure out. For example, at night the price is higher and reaches 3 kopecks, because We cannot just raise the price for a captcha.

A person has registered using my link, he has already earned 10 rubles, but I was not credited with partnerships. Why?
The accrual of remuneration for the affiliate program occurs at night. Check out the partner statistics tomorrow morning.

Why money is blocked! what is it?
For incorrect input of answers, we block earnings for this captcha. If you are mistaken very often - the account is blocked until checked by the moderators (it takes up to 2 working days)