For workers of - Important: the button "I can not make out"



If you press the "Can't make out" button too often, the images that can be recognized, your account will be suspended for 20 minutes
Use the “Can't Disassemble” button only when the image cannot be read.
If you see a complex image, but it is possible to disassemble it, you need to disassemble it.

Frequently asked Questions
If I try to enter complex images and make a mistake, will they block me?
- No, we do not block for this. We know which images were really complex and don't block for mistakes.
If I press "can't understand" too often, will they block me?
- No, but the account will be suspended for 20 minutes. Use the "I can not make out" button only when you see that this is a "broken" image, or it is nonsense, or it is really impossible to make out.