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FBI extension for collecting free satoshis on

The extension analyzes, collects statistics on odds, saves statistics, this statistics makes it possible to simplify Multiply BTC on the website and give you an understanding of when the administration is honest with you and when it cheats. The extension compares the server seed hash if the values match honest if it does not match tries to replace the server seed hash that is, it wants to deceive you, the extension automatically changes the client seed, sets a timer, displays full statistics, saves statistics has a very wide functionality, auto game with many settings. A new version is expected soon, the functionality will be further expanded, for example, automatic collection from the tap with a free captcha solution will be available, you will no longer need to pay services such as rucaptcha or captcha guru, the captcha solution will be free.

FBI - Free Bitcoin Extensions has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha